Lots of Mission stories and resources at http://www.adventistmission.org/

Throughout Adventist history Sabbath School and World Missions have been linked. In recent decades some Sabbath Schools have become more internally focused. Now it is time to restore an Adventist Missions emphasis in each class and members heart.

There are plenty of outstanding resources available at http://www.adventistmission.org/, including mission videos and podcasts available for free downloading, the current mission quarterly for each age group, the stories found each week in the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study guide, information on how to become a short-term or long-term missionary, puzzles and kids activities, the quarterly Adventist Mission DVD, and stories and blogs from currently serving missionaries and student missionaries. Check it out with your Sabbath School Superintendent and teachers, and church school teachers. Encourage them to have some type of short missions emphasis every week to revive the importance of our world mission.

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32 responses to “Lots of Mission stories and resources at http://www.adventistmission.org/

  1. walusungu simukoko

    i need your prayers 4 my rush on my abdomen which has not healed for three years despite trying both medical and herbal medicines

  2. danserns

    Hi Walusungu–

    We will be praying for spiritual, emotional and physical healing for you.

    I would also like to recommend you read Romans 8:28-39 and the book “Ministry of Healing” available online by clicking here-

    God bless you as we all look forward to the day when there will be no more sickness, suffering, pain or death. Revelation 22.


    Dan Serns


    Goog morning sabbath school official. how is the gosple work doing on? hope evrthing is prograsing. please keep the good work on is ally God that will reword you,may God bless you all and keep you for the purpose of his work so that others will also know whos he is. am from nigeria. thank you very much for giving the oppoturnity to sent you my comment, keep it on God wil bless.

  4. glory onen

    Hi sabbatt school crew,you have alway enrich my world with your pakages.i wonder what the church would look like with out you.keep the good work up.may the Lord give you continious inspiration to make the sabbath school a balm to our lives.amen.Glory Onen,Nigeria

  5. I am brother in Jesus from Olmegenyo s/s in Kenya and I need books from you guys. My adress is Box 35 Ololulunga kenya I Wesley Rono thanks.

  6. I wesley Rono from Kenya and i hope the ward of God is well preached to all the world God bless all of you guys.from Olmengenyo s/s in Kenya thanks.

  7. aaron chimwene

    Hai friends am a zambian in the city of lusaka.I
    congregate from emmasdale SDA church,I just

    want to thank you for the greatwork of GOD you are doing.

  8. aaron chimwene

    Hai sabbath school members
    I JUST WANT to thank you for the great work of GOD you doing.

    Aaron chimwene of emmasdale SDA church Lusaka zambia

  9. Adelaide Adu-Gyamfi

    thanks be to God, who give me this wisdom, am women’s ministry Secretary in Ashongman Estate Church in Ghana here.

    pl’s we our support to women’s ministry in his Church, if is materials for the woman is good anythings.

    thank you.

    Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
    P. O. Box LG 80
    Legon- Accra
    Ghana- W/A

  10. Lynn

    Hi dis is lynn jst want to thank God 4 saving me from the throngs and 4 my life.kip up with Gods good work

  11. guys its true that “the harvest is plenty but the workers are few” God keep you save & sound to continue spreading the in the world.

  12. my contacts are :DUKE OSORO OMWANGE,P.O BOX 59857-00200,NAIROBI,KENYA.

  13. I really thank God for me begin an advantist.. . Adventist has done alot of help to dis world as global village.adventist has heal manys home. Includein marriage,motherless babies.infact ,GOD will surely helps all Adventist missionarys and strengthen dem.our goals is to preach d second comein of jesus to dis generations.D LORD ALMIGHTY WILL SURELY SEE US THRU AS WE RUN DIS HEAVENLY RACES

  14. My name is Loveday Robert , from Rivers State, Bonny .I really thank God for me begin an advantist.. . Adventist has done alot of help to dis world as global village.adventist has heal manys home. Includein marriage,motherless babies.infact ,GOD will surely helps all Adventist missionarys and strengthen dem.our goals is to preach d second comein of jesus to dis generations.D LORD ALMIGHTY WILL SURELY SEE US THRU AS WE RUN DIS HEAVENLY RACES

  15. Am loveday robert.ADVENTIST MEMBERS and missionarys MAY God be wit u.grant to u ur heart desires,may he uplift u.may he give u peace dat parsert all understanding.

  16. esther

    My name Esther from Kenya[Eldoret],May the Lord take care of you in a special way for this wonderful and spiritual task that you have

  17. I so much tank God for me belongin to d adventist fold. . . . . They teach d truth. . . No addin no subtraction. . .

  18. May God bless d adventist ministry. . . For those who are walkin in support to dis missionary

  19. Being exposed to great truth is onething & being saved is yet another.read John 4:22-24.need radical transformation of character_u’ve been called in real light,heard truth & that do=(matthew 18:3-4)obedience to God>&=salvation via Jesus Christ.DONT JUST APPRECIATE LIVE IN TRUTH U HEAR-DO! God bless en guide U.

  20. Hello loveday know being expozd 2 great truth z 1thing & bein savd z yet anotha.Jn 4:22-24

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  22. L o v i n g God becoz he is creator.

  23. Savitri

    please forward me the current sda mission story

  24. Abel Opiyo Ojwang'

    Let the sabbath school live till Jesus come since it is the heart of the church

  25. hello, my name is Geradine and i live on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. My brothers and sisters in Christ, God has given us a great work to do and we not only to preach but live the truth. Keep on doing the great work and God will bless you. Live up!

    • kimei Stephen

      hi this may be helpful to you & me ” When our minds are engrossed with the things of this life, we cannot bear fruit to the glory of God. Living faith, expressed by a life of faithful obedience, will avail to lift us out of this bondage to the world. “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” Steadfast faith gives evidence that we are closely connected with the Saviour. Let us put away everything like fretfulness, and make melody in our hearts unto the Lord. Let us talk of his love, and sing of his grace and power. Faith will connect us with him, and we shall be part of the Living Vine, and bear much fruit. We shall be patient and loving, and all the powers of our being will be devoted to God. Whatever gift you have, it is of God, and it should be given back to him; but how many devote their God-given ability to the glorification of self! Christ wants us to come close to himself, to accept the great sacrifice he has made for us. He is anxious to be our Helper, to bear our griefs and carry our sorrows. Will you let him help you? Say to the world, “Jesus is my Saviour; he saves me today, making me his obedient child, and enabling me to keep all his commandments.” If you knowingly disregard one of God’s commandments, you do not have saving faith. Genuine faith is a faith that works by love, and purifies the soul. Genuine faith will lead you to seek for the salvation of precious souls for whom Christ has died. We are to reveal Christ to them in our character and life. {ST, June 8, 1891 par. 7. lets be praying

  26. sellah

    hi, can i get sponsered to school

  27. matthieu

    Hello,beloved in Jesus Christ our savior and God our Creator,trust and believe the rest leave it to heavens.

    Forward me offertory readings

  28. kimei Stephen

    hi, being an adventist is a blessing given the firm foundation of spirit of prophecy.It is God’s voice speaking vividly to everybody in a very clear & unmistakable way.May Our Creator increase our faith in Him through it. lets read and practice the counsels. God bless us all.

  29. robert

    please I whant to know something about the great hope & the catholic .why adventist church were sermon to court

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